Mission Statement of Attorney Rick Horowitz, owner of GangDefense.com

I will fight for your right to a fair trial. I will work to limit the gang evidence that is allowed against you in a court of law because it is a court of law. I will ensure that juries have an opportunity to consider any evidence about you, instead of allowing the District Attorney to distract them by talking about crimes committed by other people.

Too often I have watched as "gang experts" — police officers — talked about what they think about this or that gang and express untrained opinions. Our courts pretend that this "helps" the jury. It does: it "helps" them to convict people for crimes when there is no good evidence against them.

California's legislature has chosen to ignore all the research about gangs and how they operate. The legislature and the courts say this evidence can be used by District Attorneys and police officers — not experts — to prejudice juries. But I will work hard on your case to make sure the jury does not get distracted. I will fight to keep you from being convicted of crimes you did not commit based on "guilt by association."

Get Rick Horowitz to fight for your right to a fair trial!