Simply Put, Gang Defense Is About Making Sure You Get a Fair Trial

In the Central San Joaquin Valley of California, only Rick Horowitz has decided to focus on learning how to defend gang cases. Rick has devoted significant amounts of time talking to gang members, reading about gangs and paying particular attention to what happens to gang cases in the Appellate Courts, including those outside the State of California.

Rick — formerly a Director of Information Systems for a large yellow pages company — went to law school with the idea of becoming involved in technology law. However, after hearing and seeing how unfair the criminal justice system can be, especially in gang cases, Rick decided that someone had to fight to ensure that everyone and not just white people, would get a fair trial.

Rick attended the San Joaquin College of Law in Clovis, California, while initially continuing to work in his job as Director of Information Systems. In June of 2004, Rick left that job to become a law clerk for David R. Mugridge, a Criminal Law Specialist in Fresno, California. It was while researching for his first case — a "gang injunction" against the Chankla Bulldogs — that Rick first began to notice the way the deck was stacked against people accused, but not proven, to be gang members. Over the years, Rick has learned how the deck is also stacked against people who are accused of committing burglaries, robberies and other crimes by adding "gang enhancements" to the charges.

Over the next three years, as a student and law clerk, Rick decided to read as much as he could about gangs and to read all the cases about gangs — both published and unpublished — from the courts. Rick has continued to work hard with David R. Mugridge and other defense attorneys, explaining to them what the law says about gangs and the use of so-called "gang experts" to testify against them.

Rick Horowitz understands California's Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (the "STEP" Act) and how it is used by prosecutors to convict sometimes innocent people. Rick knows the tricks used by District Attorneys to introduce evidence about the gang to cover up the fact that they don't otherwise have enough evidence to convict accused people

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